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By Mark Ellis

Her Muslim neighbors and relatives grieved the loss of this relatively young mother of nine children. But after mourning her death for 12 hours, God brought a miracle that touched many lives.

“This is one of the most unusual and dramatic testimonies we’ve ever recorded in our AIMS ministry,” says Dr. Howard Foltz, president and founder of AIMS. “It all started when a man named Warsa got saved and then God spoke to him that he would be used by God to see the dead raised.”

Trained as a missionary by AIMS, Warsa was already reaching many Muslims with the good news about Jesus Christ. Then one of women in his village became ill.

“For two months I was very seriously sick,” says Fatuma Shubisa.  Fatuma grew up in a Muslim home, but she and her husband converted to Christianity.

One day Fatuma’s mother came to visit her ailing daughter was shocked to find her lying motionless and unresponsive. She searched in vain for a pulse or heartbeat, but Fatuma’s body was already cold.

She closed Fatuma’s eyes and straightened her leg. Unable to control her grief, she began to wail, and her sheiks aroused many of her Muslim neighbors who gathered in and around the home. They too began to grieve.

At the moment Fatuma died, her soul left her body and she was drawn up to heaven. The first person she met was her brother-in-law, who died two years earlier. Read the rest

Born to glorify Adonai Yeshua Messiah and be a blessing to Nations” – Joseph Hendry